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Find the right fit in the industry is a big challenge when someone ventures out for a job change. At FikkA we understand this better by providing the right information to our candidates and assisting them in every step of the interview process.

Our first interaction kickstarts with a very personalized call to the candidates, giving them complete details about the profiles suited for them. This is followed by assisting them in setting up their interviews to the feedbacks received and salary negotiations with the prospective companies. Our services do not end once you join, they continue till you become comfortable after your induction and help you in mitigating any issues faced at the new job.

So why are you waiting! Share your profile, maybe we have something better for you.

Interview Assistance

Detailed synopsis of roles: FikkA team provides detailed description of the job roles offered and helps you identify whether you are a better match or not.

Scheduling calendars: FikkA team helps in scheduling meetings and interview rounds with the prospective companies

Salary Negotiations: While you receive an offer from the prospective company and are not very happy with it, FikkA team will help you understand the offer and see if they can negotiate to confirm the deal

Dream Company

Worldclass Jobs database: FikkA has a humongous database of the jobs which is ever increasing everyday with new jobs posted everyday

Niche to Generic, we have it all: Be it a niche role of Blockchain developer to Big Data Architect or a generic role of Dot Net and Java developers, we have all kinds of technical and non-technical roles

Dream roles achieved: We help you achieve your personal goals of working at dream companies or dream roles.

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