FikkA: conversations over coffee

FikkA Jobs strongly believe in socializing to establish a connect between the company and the candidates so that they can step-into the shoes of either and relate to the end goals meeting the satisfaction levels.

FikkA Jobs assist companies in finding the best talent for their teams by using various algorithms to source the profiles and meet niche requirements effectively.

The back-end parsing and machine learning algorithms understand the requirements better over time. Since the “human touch” is equally important in getting suitable candidates, it is also part of the workflow at FikkA.

Our Services

FikkA specializes in providing staffing resources for contract and contract-to-hire information technology professionals. Recruiters at FikkA collaborate closely with the hiring managers
to understand the demands of the industry and then identifying the best talent using the intelligent algorithms devised to match the most relevant profiles.

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Executive Search

Identifying the next gen of leaders who are capable of devising strategies for the success of the company

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Talent Acquisition

Finding the dream job or building a better team is all covered by FikkA in the least possible efforts invested by using the intelligent platform

Interview Assistance

FikkA jobs handholds throughout the full journey of profile selection to joining through is articulate interview assistance process

Implanting Recruitment team

Recruiters support the new organizations or SMEs in building their dream teams by blending into their system and helping in recruitment

Recruitment Partners

We work with Recruitment Partners by giving them access to the FikkA platform for resume parsing and intelligent filtering tools. We reduce their sales & marketing effort and keep it a win-win by ensuring complete transparency at all steps of our automated workflow. The result : a more predictable revenue model for our partners.


Candidates would have updated their profiles across different job portals. FikkA ensures that the initial match of a candidate profile to a specific job description is automated (so that you do not miss out on potential opportunities). At the same time, a recruiter would reach out to you via email/call to make sure that there is a profile fit – and once we have your approval, your profile would be sent to the client. Over the coming months, we plan to give candidates access to the entire workflow so that you can not only keep your profile updated, but also have complete transparency as to what stage your profile is with different companies.

Our Clients